A big part of the dental surgery practice is removal of teeth that are decayed and broken down past the point where they can be saved. In many cases, this involves decay that has occurred underneath a filling or crown and in many cases could be avoidable.

The Revolutionary Power of Fluoride

Fluoride use and fluoridation of the water supply is the most studied national health standard of all time. This has consistently shown that fluoridation significantly reduces caries (decay) safely and effectively. In spite of this, there are still loud voices making unsupported, unscientific claims that fluoridation is dangerous and should be stopped.

Fluoride is an ion, like potassium, that is needed and helpful to augment in our daily dietary intake. Like potassium, fluoride in larger concentrations is poisonous. This is the primary basis for the opposition. There are many such elements, ions, and molecules that if ingested in large quantities can be harmful or even fatal; but at appropriate quantities are good for you and even helpful.

The Dental Dangers of Omitting Fluoride

As a dental surgeon, I see the results of a lack of dietary fluoride in my practice on a regular basis. Patients who do not have fluoridated water, who filter their water, who do not get fluoride supplements (toothpaste, dental treatments, etc.), and other reasons, show a distinct pattern of increased dental decay. This is especially true for individuals with multiple restorations on their teeth and/or deep anatomy, where there are crevasses which hold bacteria and the acids they produce. Decalcification of tooth structure from acids and bacterial action on the soft, vulnerable tooth structure leads to decay and breakdown. Fluoride fights this and can even help to reverse the process.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Dental Association followed a population of patients at a VA hospital and showed a significant reduction in caries/decay in the patients receiving fluoride therapy. As a dental surgeon, I encourage patients to use topically applied fluoride, especially if they do not get it in their regular water supply.

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Ref: JADA 2014;145(5):443-451

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