Early Rather Than Later Is Best For Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the questions we’re asked frequently at Wagner Oral Surgery is whether or not to remove wisdom teeth if they’re not causing problems.

Removing wisdom teeth is best done when young.
Our answer is usually yes, we recommend removal of wisdom teeth at about age 15. In some cases, such as with braces, we recommend wisdom tooth removal as part of that treatment plan. That’s because late emerging wisdom teeth can cause misalignment of teeth after the braces are removed.

The Basics on Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last four molars to come in. Problems are often caused when other teeth, bone or sections of gum are in the way. We want to be preventive and avoid these problems.

If a wisdom tooth encounters an obstacle it often causes pain, infection and may damage nearby teeth, gums, or roots. Some wisdom teeth may even come in at the wrong angle further complicating accommodation by other teeth.

When is the Best Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Dr. Wagner suggests having wisdom teeth removed sooner rather than later for several reasons. When patients are younger the roots of wisdom teeth are shorter, basically less “grown in” so less resistant to removal. They are typically “looser” in the bone making it a less painful and less risky process. Lastly, removing them early means better and faster healing and an easier recovery.

How Do I Know if Wisdom Teeth Removal is Needed?

We recommend to parents to have their children’s teeth checked periodically for emerging wisdom teeth starting at around age 13 or 14. This can also be done by your dentist or orthodontist. This is on the early side of growth but it’s a good time to start thinking about it. As we said before, the earlier the better for wisdom tooth extraction!

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