There are literally hundreds of dental implant types, brands, sizes, and treatment protocols. Actually combined, there are probably thousands. Understanding these and deciding what is best for you in your specific case is the duty of your surgeon. In the dental community there is tremendous pressure for just about every practitioner to place dental implants. This is unfortunate in that I see so many cases where doctors with inadequate training or experience are placing implants of the incorrect size or type are being placed, implants being placed in an incorrect location in the bone, or in the presence of pathology.

One of the more common “rookie mistakes” made by the inexperienced is placing too small of an implant. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 74:489-496, 2016). This usually comes as a result of not enough bone at the site and a desire to “just get an implant in there”. Do not fall prey to this. First, make sure your implant surgeon is experienced. Next, ask questions about the amount of bone you have and what size and type of implant that is going to be replaced. Is it big enough to support the tooth or teeth? What might happen if it is not? What are my options? Do not be satisfied with an “adequate” bone preparation. Proper long term success can be delivered consistently with excellent site preparation and proper implant selection.

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