Dentin Hypersensitivity

When the surface of the dentin of your teeth (the inner calcified part of tooth structure) becomes exposed, it exposes the living contained tissue which includes nerve endings. This will cause feelings of discomfort, temperature sensitivity, or even an electrical sensation. The structure of a tooth usually has an outer coating – enamel over the crown and cementum over the root surfaces. If this is broken or eroded such as with tooth brush erosion, the dentin can be exposed and sensitive.

There are several different treatments which can have a sedative affect on this (JADA 148(10)728-736, October 2017). Certainly your dentist can seal or fill the area to cover it up. This makes the most sense if there is a significant defect causing the exposure. If it is just a surface exposure/sensitivity, there are topical measures such as application of potassium nitrate or fluoride preparations.

I generally recommend that you get your dentist to prescribe fluoride gel. As an example, Colgate has a product – Gel-Kam. There are also generic products. Just brush it on at bedtime to help. I use it one to two times per month. It also strengthens your teeth and works to prevent decay.