The May 2015 Journal of the AAOMS (American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) contained an article delineating the recent care guidelines for Finland as it relates to third molar/wisdom teeth removal. (J Oral and Maxillofac Surg 73:804-805, 2015). Europe has, in general, been behind in the promotion of preventive dental procedures such as the early removal of wisdom teeth. That is a broad statement and there are certainly exceptions. This article shows some advancement in those philosophies.

Wisdom Teeth: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

My opinion is that socialized medicine generally wants to limit any procedures and tends to parse out treatments carefully to restrain costs. My further opinion is that this is done at the peril of those citizens because as we age the problems associated with wisdom teeth retention increase, the complications associated with treatment increase, and the social cost (lost time, lost wages, ultimate cost of treatment) also increase. Where they save money, is that for many patients decay and periodontal disease lead to the loss of the dentition and lower maintenance costs. This, however, leaves the patient partially crippled dentally. Our ideal here in the States is to maintain the dentition in a healthy state for the lifetime of the patient. This includes more attention shown to wisdom teeth removal.

Preventative Wisdom Teeth Removal

The good news is that their study relating to Finland supports the idea of early removal of wisdom teeth as a preventive measure. Any oral and maxillofacial surgeon with experience can tell you that this makes sense.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Equals Wise Medicine

If our goal is to maintain healthy teeth and mouths for a lifetime and lower risk of treatment – the early removal of wisdom teeth is wise medicine.

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