Complete implant supported teeth (All-On-Four, Teeth In A Day, Immediate Teeth, Implant Prosthetics, etc.) is wonderful treatment that we are able to provide with a high degree of success when it is done correctly. I do have concerns that every dental clinic is offering some variation of this and it is not “easy” treatment to do well. The less bone you have, the poorer the support – the greater the chances of developing problems over time. The best care is to have good bone support for your implants as a starting point.

A proper work up should be driven by the dental needs. We call this “prosthetic driven implant care”. That is; planning the initial treatment with the end in mind. This may sound intuitive, but it is not the “rule” for much of the implant care provided. There are wonderful technologies available to improve the aging jaw. The best options often take time and may take some more complex techniques, but the results can be excellent and long term.

In most cases it is straightforward and we can take advantage of the bone that is present and place implants to support teeth. Bone grafting techniques and orthognathic surgery are techniques that we are experienced in and appropriate recommendations are given where this care is needed.


Reference: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 65:1764-1771, 2007