Bridges and Partial Dentures

Many people confuse the term bridge with the term partial denture. What are the differences between bridges and partial dentures? A bridge is cemented and a partial denture can be removed.

Bridges and Partial Dentures

What Are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is a dental treatment used to replace a segment of teeth where there is a good tooth on either end of the segment. The teeth on either end are reduced so that they can be “crowned”. Your dentist has a bridge made which is one piece that cements onto the tooth on either end of the segment with artificial tooth or teeth “bridging” the place where teeth had been missing.

What Are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture is a dental treatment also used to replace missing teeth. It is typically used in areas where there are multiple teeth missing and can also be used in areas where there is not a support tooth on either side of the segment where the teeth are missing. A partial denture may be a preferred treatment when there are multiple teeth missing, as it can be used to replace multiple teeth in a dental arch. Removable partial dentures typically has clasps and rests which are attachments onto the remaining teeth which help to hold it in place. Occasionally, dental implants are used along with a partial denture to providing extra points of attachment which can make it more secure.

Dental implants may be viewed as superior to a bridge restoration, in that they avoid “cutting down” the enamel on the adjacent teeth. They also stand alone so any problems with the adjacent teeth will not affect the implants and vice versa. They also have the advantage over a partial denture, that it avoids having to deal with a removable appliance as crowns that are placed on dental implants are cemented and do not come in and out. Implants act and feel more like natural teeth.

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