Should You Graft the Third Molar Socket at the Time of Extraction?

I have reported a number of times in the past how holding onto your third molar teeth leads to problems including periodontal disease on the adjacent teeth and can lead to bone loss on those teeth. In a recent article, the authors showed a procedure where they preemptively grafted the third molar sockets right at the time of extraction.

I feel this is a reasonable treatment and I might offer this treatment for select cases. The truth is that this procedure may not be necessary and would add expense to the procedure. The study showed that it did result in significant improvement in periodontal health on the adjacent second molar tooth. So if a patient wishes to afford this, it may help.

The last point is that periodontal conditions can be treated after the fact and there may be some argument that this may even be more effective. I have not yet seen a study on that specific idea; however periodontal surgery has had a very good success rate for many years. I will advise my patients of the options and proceed with appropriate care.

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