Bone Grafting Recovery Tips

Dental Bone Grafting Material consists of many small particles. It’s not uncommon to find some small granules inside your mouth for several days after you receive bone grafting treatment. While it is normal to have some of these Bone Grafting Materials come out of the graft area, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the amount of particles that you experience in your mouth.

Bone Grafting Recovery Tips

  • Do not touch, poke, rub or disturb the area.
  • You should avoid rinsing or spitting for 2 days. This helps to allow for blood clot and graft stabilization.
  • Avoid applying pressure with your fingers or tongue to the grafted area. During the initial healing process, this material is movable. Following your surgery you will be instructed on how to place gauze on the area.
  • You do not need to continuously inspect the sutures. Refrain from pulling on your lip to look at them as this can cause damage to the wound site.
  • You should not smoke after surgery.
  • Rinsing is allowed following the second day of recovery, but this is to be done gently and not too vigorously as you can disturb the bone graft granules.

Sinus Lift Recovery Tips

  • Do not blow your nose for at least 4 weeks following your Sinus Lift Surgery. Sniffing is allowed but refrain from blowing until advised by your oral surgeon.
  • Do not sneeze while holding your nose. If you need to sneeze you should do so with your mouth open.
  • Do not use straws when drinking and do not spit.
  • Any activities that could increase sinus pressure should be avoided. This includes activities such as scuba diving, blowing up balloons, playing musical instruments that require blowing and flying in pressurized aircraft.
  • You may be prescribed decongestants to help reduce the amount of pressure in your sinuses. You need to avoid anything that causes pressure in your nasal cavity so take these as directed.
  • You should not smoke after surgery.

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