Much of what we do in bone and soft tissue grafting has come out of a combination of research along with clinical trials and clinical usage. Many great advancements come out of a simple idea – to apply something in a new way, to try to enhance a result. Contrarily, we also find that through trial and error we often discover circumstances to avoid or problems which point to a need for more research.

Oral Surgery with Dietary Restrictions in Mind

One of those findings is the problems with bone graft failure in individuals who adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle. The vegetarian lifestyle has gained considerable popularity and following. It has been my experience that most individuals who follow a vegetarian lifestyle do so based on a belief that this is a healthier way to live. Paradoxically, I have found that when we perform bone grafting procedures on vegetarians we see an almost total absorption of the graft, including synthetics, allografts, and xenografts. I have not been able to find any specific research on this subject, but based on my experience it appears that it deserves some special attention.

Bone Grafting: Complications for Vegetarians

The impression is that there is a nutritional deficit in these individuals that calls on the body to reabsorb the available bone material, possibly to be used in other places. From a research perspective, we may wish to look at this issue from the opposite end. If we can determine the problem that leads to poor take of the graft for these individuals, maybe we will be able to find the key to enhance bone graft reception from a nutritional standpoint.

For right now, I recommend that my vegetarian patients work aggressively at taking in dietary amino acids, both essential and non-essential in the time leading up to and during the grafting process.

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