In our practice, removal of third molar teeth (wisdom teeth) is most commonly performed under IV anesthesia. This is appropriate and I feel necessary for this treatment to be a positive experience for most patients. With intravenous anesthesia you are completely relaxed, you have no anxieties and your jaw muscles are relaxed – it makes it easy!

As we prepare you for treatment, we often have a consultation appointment where examination takes place, the treatment is discussed, x-rays are reviewed, as well as the risks and alternatives. There was a question in a recent journal article questioning the effect that presurgical information has on anxiety experience during wisdom tooth extractions. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 77:1769.e1-1769.e7, 2019). In the consultation process, we are also building a relationship between ourselves and the patient. Our goals are to educate and inform, but also to reassure and create an environment that shows love and concern. Our wish is to reduce stress and anxiety and our techniques are generally successful.

It is my feeling that the sensitivity and delivery of the information are key to reducing and helping with the anxiety. Absolutely, use of intravenous anesthesia takes care of all fear and anxiety during the procedure and leads to best outcomes with little memory of the procedure.