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We Have Added the Nobel Biocare Parallel CC Implant to Our Armamentarium I have added the Parallel CC Implant to our Nobel line. For you, this is the same platforms, connections, and instrumentation as the Active implant. No changes! For our patients, this implant brings the “biologic width” and “platform shift” technology. This implant has […]

History of Dental Implants

Dental implants are devices that are surgically installed in a patient’s mouth as a replacement for their natural, damaged teeth. These devices are thought by many to be innovative solutions to dental conditions. Although this is true, it is important to understand their early oral applications. Dental implants now play a crucial role in the […]

Immediate Implants and PRGF: What you Should Know

  Historically, the immediate placement of dental implants into extraction sockets has given us variable results. Certainly, when we try to place a dental implant into a poor site where the bone is of poor quality, we should expect bone loss. In most cases, our implant will still be a success in that it will […]

Avulsed Teeth: What to Do

Avulsed (knocked out) teeth can result from a number of circumstances. Typically, sports-related injuries and other facial trauma are the root of avulsed teeth. People aren’t usually expecting this type of facial trauma, so it’s best to be prepared. At Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists, we care about your oral health. Avulsed teeth […]

Don’t Take our Word For It

We have been practicing for many years and from the start, we have had a practice philosophy of high quality comprehensive care in a comfortable environment with attention to detail in all aspects of your care.  We merge excellence in background and training with attention to detail.  This is a regular practice and not just […]

What To Do If You Lose A Tooth

If you lose a tooth it’s critical to get help as soon as possible.